Summit News

Congrats to Costume Designer SYDNEY GALLAS for her work on the luminous, “affecting” HUNDRED DAYS, infused with a “slithery ominousness” that “takes you places you don’t expect to go” – check out the NYT review of this celebration of romance turned “haunting meditation on mortality,” part of the Public Theater’s UNDER THE RADAR Festival.

Check out the New York Times Review: What if ‘Until Death Do Us Part’ Means a ‘Hundred Days’? Photo credit: Sara Krulwich for the New York Times

The “bitter beauty” of The Barrow’s Group’s “must-see” ABIGAIL’S PARTY sustained by Matt Otto’s “smart” sound design and Edward T. Morris’s “evocative” set.

Congratulations to Summit's Matt Otto (sound designer) & Edward T. Morris (set designer) on their work in The Barrow Group's ABIGAIL'S PARTY, a NYT Critics' Pick, and read the review here: "Review: Innocuous Remarks Double as Cutting Commentary in 'Abigail's...

‘Edmonton & Albert Audiences “enthralled” by Judanna Lynn’s “lavish” DRACULA costumes & Christina R. Giannelli’s lighting’

Congratulations to costume designer Judanna Lynn and lighting designer Christina R. Giannelli on the opening of their gorgeous, seductive Dracula at the Alberta Ballet! Check out the reviews here: Edmonton Journal: Alberta Ballet's Dracula seduces Edmonton audience......